Corridor Improvement Board

The Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) was adopted February 11, 2013 in Crockery Township. The Authority was created according to Act 280 of Public Acts of 2005 of the State of Michigan, as amended. Act 280 was established as a tool for communities to correct and prevent deterioration in business districts; to encourage historic preservation; to authorize the acquisition and disposal of interests in real and personal property; to authorize the creation and implementation of development plans in the districts; to promote the economic growth of the districts; to create a board; to prescribe its powers and duties; to authorize the levy and collection of taxes; to authorize the issuance of bonds and other evidences of indebtedness; and to authorize the use of Tax Increment Financing.

The Corridor Improvement authority is required to meet 2 times per year and usually meets on Wednesday afternoons.”Corridor Improvement Authority members are appointed 3-years terms by the Elected Township boards. Terms starts in January with appointments taking place in November and December.   For more information or any questions on the corridor improvement authority please reach out to the Township Supervisor Erik Erhorn

If interested in serving please fill out a Board Committee Application form and email it to the Township Supervisor Erik Erhorn

Board Members

  • Doug Meekhof / Meekhof Trucking – Chairperson
  • Mark Schroeder / Versatile Woods Solutions – Vice-Chairperson
  • Erik Erhorn – Crockery Township Supervisor
  • Roy Holmes / RA Holmes Industries
  • Rob Vokal / Crockery Creek Saloon
  • Russ Kniff
  • Chris Bade / River Flats Ag.
  • Rob Johnson / Magnum Coffee